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About Us

Air JetsKEY was established keeping in mind the need for high-end business aviation consultancy services in the world’s fastest growing aviation industry. Our formative objective is to provide tailored business solutions which conform to the needs & safety standards of aviation industry, while consistently delivering smart & effective business aviation solutions.

We are a brand that believes in right talent by empowering individuals with skills that create opportunities. Our brand value lies in our core commitment to excellence.

With a vast global experience in aviation our team strives to deliver the best. 

Our Mission and Vision

  • The fundamental principles followed at Air JetsKEY are High Quality, Cost Effectiveness and Deliverance on our commitments, and we are thereby driven to achieve excellence in our field of operation.
  • We at Air JetsKEY believe that progress and growth is always achieved best when people work together. With this philosophy in mind and at heart we will always strive to deliver excellence.
  • Our Passion and Dedication for the Aviation industry, is why we want to make Aviation the best choice for business.

Why JetsKEY?

  • Our formative objective is to provide high quality, cost effective and result oriented training which directly translates to skill augmentation.
  • Bridging the gap between available human resource and what the industry demands.
  • To create a smart and skilled workforce which conforms to the needs of potential employers.