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corporate training


JetsKEY Corporate Training aims to provide high quality, cost effective and result oriented training which directly translates to skill augmentation, bridging the gap between available human resource and what the industry demands, in order to create a smart and skilled workforce which conforms to the needs of potential employers.

JetsKEY develops training programs based on the principles of Training By Objectives (TBO) and Learning By Objectives (LBO), which, right at the outset, emphasizes on the fact that for any kind of training to be effective and retention oriented, it is of utmost importance to have two basic criteria outlined, namely:

  • A clear¬†written set of objectives we wish to achieve by providing relevant training.
  • An in-depth inclusion of content based on the Thinking, Learning and Behavioral preferences of all the participants.

Our Association with Mandevco International

Mandevco International is one of the worlds leading human capital management organizations, servicing a multitude of clients with a profound presence in countries such as the UK, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait. JetsKEY Corporate Training is associated with Mandevco International in order to bring forth more effective training, coaching and mentoring techniques, jointly developed training programs, customized content development and Mandevco certified training programs to corporate India.


  • Teams Synergy and Dynamics
  • Business contribution-Sales Training
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt. (CRM)
  • Change Management-The E-Change Theory
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Customer Approach and Service
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Time, Stress and Life Skills
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Leadership, Responsibility and Trust
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Employee Inculturation
  • Conflict Management
  • Being the Global Indian