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Krishnakant Chikatkar ( Managing Director )

Krishnakant joined Jet Airways India as a Flight Attendant,  and following that, worked as an In Flight Executive. He later joining Qatar Airways based in Doha, Qatar. He has also worked as recruiter for the aviation sector and as a senior HR Executive in the IT industry. Krishnakant has studied Business Administration. He is responsible for liaising and business development at JetsKEY.

Karan Garg (Aviation Technical Consultant)

With over 7 years of aviation industry experience, starting with the best flying training institute in the country, then doing the painstaking paperwork and documentation for DGCA, and currently a JFO and also the Operations Manager for Air Pegasus, Bangalore. He has closely associated with JATS and knows the training structure followed there, and also all there is to know about Jordan. Karan formerly was a civil engineer in 2010, and then followed his passion for flying. He is a Consultant for simulator training and all DGCA and pilot training related queries with JETSKEY.

Captain Harsh Paliwal( Technical Head )

Head With over 10 years of General and commercial Aviation experience including experience in Aircraft management, project management of Regional Airlines and Aviation companies and a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Helicopter Piloting, Operations Management, Helicopter Operations, Private Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance. Holding prominent Position with Aviation companies like Oxford Aviation, Reliance Aviation, Pawan Hans.

Dr. Arunesh Dutt Upadhyay (MBBS, MD - Aerospace Medicine, General Physician ,Aviation and Aerospace Medicine Specialist)

Dr. Arunesh Dutt Upadhyay (MBBS, MD – Aerospace Medicine, General Physician ,Aviation and Aerospace Medicine Specialist) with 32 Years Experience.Dr. Arunesh Upadhyay has completed his MBBS from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (AFMC). Following which, he served as a Medical Officer in the Indian Air Force for 29 Years, retiring as a group captain. During his tenure, he was deputed to United Nations (UN) Peace Keeping force for two tenures during which he served in the Democratic Republic of Congo.With an MD in Aerospace Medicine from the prestigious Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bangalore, he is one of the 16 doctors in the country authorized to conduct annual and biannual medical examination of commercial pilots as per the Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA) Rules. Dr.Upadhyay is associated with JetsKEY as our Aviation Medical consultant & examiner.He is also a consultant with JetsKEY for BASIC FIRST AID Training.