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Pilot Training CPL And PPL

JetskEY announces its association with Carver Aviation, Baramati, as their partners in creating greater awareness and propelling the aviation training sector to greater heights, promoting Commercial flying training, Private and Hobby flying along with a host of other value added services jointly offered by Carver Aviation and JetsKEY. A matter of pride for the two organizations dedicated towards bringing the thrill and excitement of Aviation to the masses.

Contact us now for the courses and services. Click on the links below for more information:


1. DGCA Approved Commercial Pilots License (CPL, SPL)

2. Hobby Flying courses and Joy Flights (PPL, Joy Flights with Flight Instructor)

3. DGCA Approved AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)

4. Multi-Engine Aircraft Endorsement

5. Flying Hours Building

6. Recency / License Conversion / License Renewal

Please register with us for Joy Flight reservations at least 1 week in advance.

Experience the Joy of flying – Only with JetsKEY in association with Carver Aviation.

For Admissions and Fee Structure Contact On 9823447890/8390798997


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